Four Types of Water Heaters to Install at Your Home

Four Types of Water Heaters to Install at Your Home

Four Types of Water Heaters to Install at Your Home

22 June 2021
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Water heating system installation is essential in your home as the heater produces hot water for domestic consumption. Whether you want to replace your worn-out heater or get a more efficient one, you should understand the water heating unit types available. These are the popular types of water heater installation designs to install in your house.

1. Tankless

Generally, tankless water heaters don't have a tank for storage and are ideal for large-capacity heating roles. Without a tank, the heater doesn't require large storage space in your home. Additionally, the heating systems contain super-heated coils that produce warm water immediately. When you turn on a tankless water heater, water fills up the coils and produces hot water only when you need it. Therefore, this water heater installation type is energy efficient, unlike conventional heaters that maintain a constant supply throughout. Therefore, you get to save on monthly energy costs.

2. Conventional

A traditional style water heater installation has storage for warm water. The tank has insulation, to keep the water warm for a long time. Typically, the tank has two regulators:

  • Temperature moderation: The regulator lets out heat and maintains the ideal temperature.
  • Pressure release: The regulator reduces pressure and maintains the correct pressure.

These valves are vital to avoid excess pressure and temperature.

However, the size of the storage determines the amount of warm water available. Therefore, assess your water usage to buy the ideal storage size. Since water remains in the storage for some time, having a frequent regular cleaning routine is essential to prevent dirt accumulation.

3. Heat Pump/Hybrid

Manufacturers design heat pump devices to operate without producing heat directly. The units use heat from the environment or ground for heating, while electricity only comes in when moving this heat throughout the system. That makes hybrid heaters energy saving, and this can lower energy costs significantly. Additionally, the heaters require little maintenance, and your plumbing expert can inspect the water heater installations after some months. That means low maintenance costs.

4. Solar

Solar heating units utilize the sun's energy for heating. The water heater installations come with heating panels that contractors install on the roof. These panels supply energy throughout the loop system that joins to a tank where the water warms. The advantages of solar heating systems are energy efficiency and environmental safety since the heaters use a renewable energy source. Additionally, the heaters reduce your household's utility bills. What's more, you can enjoy state tax credits that cater to a percentage of the total installation expenses.

Various water heater installation unit designs include solar, tankless, traditional, and hybrid units. If you want to set up a water heater, consider these options

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