4 Questions to Address When Buying Cleaning Products for Your Drains

4 Questions to Address When Buying Cleaning Products for Your Drains

4 Questions to Address When Buying Cleaning Products for Your Drains

8 September 2021
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Regular drain cleaning promotes fast and efficient drainage of wastewater from the home's plumbing. It eliminates clogs and gets rid of foul sewer odors in your drains. One important factor to consider when planning a drain cleaning project is the choice of cleaning products. Not every product on the market is ideal for your home's drainage system. Therefore, address the following questions when choosing the best cleaning products for your drains.

Does the Product Have Corrosive Chemicals?

Traditional drain cleaners contain chemicals such as bleach, lye, sulfuric acid, and hydrochloric acid. These chemicals are effective in dissolving drain clogs resulting from hair, grease, and food. However, the chemicals are corrosive, which means they can destroy your pipes. Drains made of PVC and PEX can withstand the chemical action; however, metal pipes will suffer severe corrosion over time. Therefore, look for non-corrosive or non-caustic drain cleaning products. These are formulated with mild cleaning agents that dissolve clogs without eroding the piping material.

Does the Product Emit Fumes?

Some drain cleaning products emit hazardous fumes that can be harmful to your health if you inhale them. If the chemicals come into contact with the eyes and skin, these products can irritate these sensitive areas. Therefore, if you use such cleaners, you must wait for the fumes to dissipate before using your indoor spaces. Avoid products that emit chemical fumes. Instead, opt for green or sustainable cleaning products, as they cause no harm when they come into contact with the skin.

Is the Cleaning Product Biodegradable? 

If your home has a septic system, beware of the type of cleaners you use for your drains. Non-biodegradable products cannot be broken down by sewer bacteria. Thus, they settle at the bottom of the septic tank, causing it to fill up faster. Some chemicals also kill sewer bacteria, slowing down the breakdown of sludge in the tank. To optimize septic performance, choose biodegradable products that can be easily broken down by septic bacteria.

Is the Product Effective?

Different drain cleaning products have varying levels of effectiveness. Some are ideal for regular use, while others are used to clean severely clogged drains. Before choosing a product, determine your expectations. If you have multiple clogged drains or a blocked sewer line, you need more effective products to clean out the blockage. However, for regular use, go for a mild cleaning product that will protect your clogs from serious blockage.

The market has various drain cleaning products with different ingredients and efficacy levels. Avoid DIY cleaning if you are unsure of the best products to use. Consult a plumber for residential drain cleaning services.

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