5 Reasons To Skip DIY And Schedule Professional Drain Jetting

5 Reasons To Skip DIY And Schedule Professional Drain Jetting

5 Reasons To Skip DIY And Schedule Professional Drain Jetting

30 September 2021
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It may be tempting to attempt to clear a clogged drain with jetted water yourself, especially if you have a pressure washer handy. This can be a huge mistake, as jetting drains clear is not a DIY job. The following are just a few of the reasons why you should leave drain jetting to the professionals. 

1. Camera Inspections

Before hydro jetting a drain, a drain service technician will first inspect the pipe with a special camera. This is vital, as not all clogs or drain lines are created equal. The camera will reveal the cause of the clog so that the tech can determine if jetting alone is necessary, or if other techniques must also be used. They can determine the pipe size and spot any issues in the line that could affect the cleaning process.

2. Vibration Technology

A common problem experienced by DIY jetters is a stuck hose. Surface friction between the hose and the pipe lining can cause the hose to stick, making it impossible to move forward and to yank out.  Professional hydro jetting systems feature a vibration system that keeps the hose pulsing in a manner that prevents it from becoming friction-stuck. A rigged hose and pressure washer system simply can't achieve this.

3. Hose Sizing

Choosing the right hose and nozzle diameter for jetting is a skill in and of itself. An overly small hose won't effectively clear the clog, while an overly large hose is more likely to get jammed in the pipe. Part of the training for a pro drain tech is learning how to size the hose and nozzle system to the job so that the drains are effectively cleaned with no issues.

4. Targeted Techniques

Jetting out the drain is not as simple as feeding in the hose and blasting out a high-pressure stream of water. Finesse must be used to punch through a clog and completely clean the pipe. This may require feeding the hose in a bit and then backing it out slowly, sometimes repeatedly, until the clog is worked loose. Trying to force through a clog could actually end up damaging the drain line.

5. Injury Prevention

High-pressure jets of water are very dangerous. A jet can easily tear off skin or break a bone. Severe injury and even death is a risk. A professional drain tech will undergo hours of training and have special gear to ensure they are safe while clearing your drain.

Contact a water jetting service if you have questions regarding high-pressure water jetting.

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