4 Signs Your Garbage Disposal Unit Needs Repairs

4 Signs Your Garbage Disposal Unit Needs Repairs

4 Signs Your Garbage Disposal Unit Needs Repairs

14 October 2021
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A garbage disposal unit churns food waste into smaller particles that get washed off through the drains. When it develops a problem, it is likely to affect washing and cleaning tasks in your kitchen. Therefore, it is advisable to take note of certain red flags that indicate the unit requires inspection and repairs. Here are some of the tell-tale signs that your garbage disposal unit requires urgent repairs.

1. Water Leaks

If you notice water dripping from the disposal unit, you should make a service call to your plumbing contractor. They will visit your premises, assess the appliance, and resolve the problem.

In most cases, broken seals or cracks are the culprits. However, other issues might also lead to leaks and thus the need to call the repair technician to diagnose the problem and repair the appliance.

2. Unpleasant Odors

When your disposal unit emits persistent odors that don't subside even with thorough rinsing, it is time to contact the repair professionals. For example, the stench could be coming from rotting wet food trapped inside the appliance. Generally, it is not advisable to pour chemical cleaners to dissolve trapped food waste. The results may be counterproductive since the chemicals may corrode the disposal components and worsen the problem.

Moreover, the corrosion might extend to the other connected pipework. This means that DIY attempts to fix the garbage disposal unit could lead to more damages and high repair costs.

3. Failed Resets

A disposal unit has a reset button feature that serves as a troubleshooting mechanism for the appliance to resume operation. The reset switch is a built-in safeguard that you should use whenever the disposal jams or overheats.  A properly functioning garbage disposal doesn't require frequent activation using the reset button.

It is important to note that frequent jams could be due to either failing internal components or faulty power connections. Electrical repairs can be risky and should ideally be handled by experienced technicians. An attempt to fix the problem could lead to motor damage or electrocution. Therefore, you should schedule repair services if the reset feature does not work.

4. Clattering Noises

Abnormal metal-like grinding noises from your appliance when in use could point to misaligned blades grinding each other. It could also be due to a piece of metallic cutlery trapped inside.

Do not run the garbage disposal unit since such obstruction could damage the motor or break the blades, resulting in more costly repairs. Instead, unplug the power and contact your technician. The repair technician will adjust the appliance settings or disassemble the disposal to remove any foreign metallic object.

Is your garbage disposal unit showing these warning signs? Do not wait to have a messy kitchen due to a garbage disposal unit failure. Instead, contact a plumber for garbage disposal repair work when you notice these warning signs.

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