3 Questions to Help Choose the Right Garbage Disposal

3 Questions to Help Choose the Right Garbage Disposal

3 Questions to Help Choose the Right Garbage Disposal

30 November 2021
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You have plenty of options when installing a new garbage disposal, but motor size may be one of the most crucial. Your garbage disposal's motor determines how much power is available for use, ultimately allowing you to dispose of more items more frequently. Typical residential garbage disposals feature electric motors of about one horsepower (hp) or less.

Of course, higher-power disposals also tend to cost more, so how can you decide which is suitable for your home? Fortunately, choosing between your options won't require too much work. These three questions can help you decide if an entry-level garbage disposal is sufficient for your home or if you need to step up to a model with more power.

1. How Often Do You Cook?

The size of your garbage disposal's motor isn't just a matter of providing more power for more challenging food waste. Low-power units will struggle more with frequent usage, which means their internal parts can burn out more quickly. They're also more prone to jamming if you use them too often or try to grind the wrong type of waste.

If you cook often, you'll usually want to step up to a mid-range model, such as a 1/2-horsepower or 3/4-horsepower disposal. Although these models will cost more upfront, they'll be able to withstand more daily abuse. As a result, you'll spend less money over the long run on repairs and avoid the frustration that can come from frequent jams.

2. How Many People Live In Your Home?

Lower-powered garbage disposals are usually only suitable for homes with very few people. If you live alone or with a partner or roommate, a 1/3-horsepower or 1/2-horsepower unit may be sufficient, especially if you don't cook too often. Homes with larger families usually require more power because a single meal will generate more food waste.

It's also worth keeping in mind whether you live with children that may place heavier items at your disposal. Although you should ensure that all household members understand how to use the disposal, higher-powered models will tolerate inappropriate usage with fewer jams and less strain on the motor.

3. How Much Space Do You Have?

More powerful units are both more costly and physically more substantial. A 3/4-horsepower or 1-horsepower garbage disposal may be significantly larger than smaller units, meaning that these models will take up more space under your kitchen sink. If you have limited space or want to retain as much space as possible for storage, a smaller unit may work better for your situation.

Although it might seem like more power is always better, it's worth carefully considering your requirements. Sizing your garbage disposal will allow you to save money and space. Learn more by contacting garbage disposal installation services.

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