4 Things That Cause Foul Plumbing Odors And Repairs That Help Your Plumbing Smell Fresh Again

4 Things That Cause Foul Plumbing Odors And Repairs That Help Your Plumbing Smell Fresh Again

4 Things That Cause Foul Plumbing Odors And Repairs That Help Your Plumbing Smell Fresh Again

22 December 2021
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Bad odors coming from your plumbing are embarrassing and annoying to deal with. A few things can cause your drains or water to smell bad. You might need a plumber to help you find the problem and fix it so your plumbing is free from odors. Here are four things that can cause bad odors in your plumbing and what can be done about them.

1. Bacteria In The Water Heater Makes Water Smelly

If you notice smelly water when you take a shower or bath, the problem could be in the water heater. If the cold water smells fine, but the hot water has a sulfuric smell, that usually narrows down the problem to bacteria growing in the water heater.

These bacteria don't make the water unsafe, but they do create a foul odor that you'll want to get rid of right away. A plumber can fix this problem by flushing out the water heater and sanitizing it to kill bacteria.

2. Biofilm Makes Drains Stink

Your bathroom and kitchen drains can accumulate a biofilm over time that coats the drain and creates a bad odor. The film may be part of slime and grime that's stuck to the sides of the drain. While you might be able to dislodge the film with hot water and vinegar, you may need to have a plumber clean the drain instead.

A plumber might do this with hydro jet equipment that uses a strong stream of water to wash the sides of the drain and remove everything that's stuck to the sides of the pipe.

3. A Bad Sewer Line Fills Your Home With Odors

If your sewer line is cracked or backed up, you might notice sewer odors in your home or in your yard. This happens when sewer gas backs up the pipe. If you notice a sewer odor on your property, call a plumber for help so the source of the odor can be found. If you have a septic tank, the problem might be a full tank.

However, the problem might be as simple as a P-trap under a bathroom sink that has gone dry and no longer blocks sewer odors. In this case, running water down the drain can fix the problem, as long as the trap isn't leaking and can hold water.

4. A Blocked Vent Stack Creates Foul Smells

The plumbing vent stack on your roof regulates pressure in your plumbing and also gives sewer gases a place to escape. The vent stack can become clogged with snow, nests, and other debris. When that happens, sewer gases can't escape. Your home could smell like sewer odors or rotten eggs.

The solution to this problem is for the plumber to climb onto the roof and clear the clog out of the vent pipe. Once it's clear, gases can escape like they are supposed to and the foul odor disappears.

For more information, reach out to plumbers near you.

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