3 Plumbers Tips To Protect Your Plumbing System From Clogged Drains

3 Plumbers Tips To Protect Your Plumbing System From Clogged Drains

3 Plumbers Tips To Protect Your Plumbing System From Clogged Drains

8 March 2022
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There are many things that could go wrong with your plumbing system including clogged drains, toilet backflow, root penetration into your pipes, and others. The good thing is some of these problems like clogged drains can be prevented before they happen. For instance, regular professional drain cleaning can keep your pipes clean and free of dirt or sediment build-up. Clogged drains are an inconvenience and may cause costly damages. Any opportunity that can prevent this problem should be exploited. Here are effective ways to protect your plumbing system from clogging.

Installation of Drain Strainers

Many people forget that they need to install drain strainers in their sinks and tubs. These strainers help prevent large debris like food particles, soap, or hair from being washed down the drain. If there is no stopper in place, anything that ends up in your sink or tub could get washed down the drain. Drain strainers come in various sizes and shapes, so it's advisable that you consult a professional plumber for advice on what works best for your drainage system. A professional plumber will also help you install the strainers and guide you on how to use them.

Regular Professional Drain Cleaning

One of the most effective ways to avoid a clogged drain is through regular professional drain cleaning. This method involves using chemicals or mechanical devices like hydro jets that blast water through your pipes at extremely high pressure to remove any blockages. Professional plumbers also have special devices like inspection cameras that can inspect your entire drainage system to determine if there are any items clogging your drains. If you have not had drain cleaning services in a while, you should contact a professional plumber to schedule the service today.

Monitor What Goes Down the Drain

Some things do not belong in your pipes, such as food particles, grease, coffee grounds, or any other large objects. Draining grease into your kitchen drain can cause pipe blockage or slow drain because grease solidifies as it cools down. Anything that is not human waste or toilet paper should not be flushed down your toilet. This includes baby wipes, cotton pads, or condoms. If you have small children or pets that may get items not meant for flushing into your toilet, consider installing childproof locks that keep the toilet cover closed. If you have already made the mistake of flushing down the wrong items, contact a professional plumber to help clear your drainage system.

Your drain system is a valuable asset that ensures you safely drain waste. You can protect this system from the risks of clogging or blocking by installing drain strainers or ensuring it's regularly cleaned by professionals. If you are already dealing with a clogged drain, contact a professional such as Rooter Express Plumbing & Drain to inspect and fix the issue. 

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