How An Emergency Plumber Can Help With A Clogged Drain When You Have Guests

How An Emergency Plumber Can Help With A Clogged Drain When You Have Guests

How An Emergency Plumber Can Help With A Clogged Drain When You Have Guests

30 March 2022
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You may hate the thought of calling an emergency plumber for something like a clogged drain, but if you have guests over the holidays or weekend, you need prompt help or your drain will be out of service. Even worse, if the problem is with the sewer drain, your toilets may go out of commission too. Here's how an emergency plumber may deal with a clogged drain.

Determine The Location Of The Clog

Determining the location of the clog should be fairly easy. This is important to know since a sewer line clog can often be cleared while working outside, and that would be more convenient for you. However, if the clog is in the kitchen drain, the plumber will probably have to bring their tools to the kitchen.

Clear A Sewer Line

A sewer line can be cleared fairly quickly with a hydro jet. The plumber can use the cleanout to lower the jet into the drain. The water jet will cut through roots, paper clogs, and grease, so no matter what caused the clog, a hydro jet will clear it and get the main sewer drain flowing again. However, this process may not help a kitchen drain clog that's above the location of the sewer line.

Open A Kitchen Clog

When the clog is in the kitchen drain, the plumber may need to work under the kitchen sink. They'll probably take the drain apart so it can be disconnected from the wall. If your sink has standing water in it, the plumber has to catch the water in a bucket so it won't go on the floor.

Once the drain under the sink is out of the way, the plumber can use a hydro jet or drain snake and insert it at the wall to clear out the clog. A drain snake may snag the clog so it can be pulled out or it may break the clog up so it can be flushed through the line. A hydro jet breaks up a clog and also flushes it through the drain to clear out all traces of the grease or food clog.

Clean Up Stray Water And Debris

An emergency plumber works fast to get your clog moving, but they're careful not to make a mess that makes your situation worse. They'll clean up their work area and ensure the drain is put back together and functioning properly before they leave. An emergency plumber could save you from stress and get your drain open much quicker than you can with DIY attempts. Fortunately, you can call an emergency plumber any time you need help, even on holidays and at night.

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