Keeping Your Water Heater Working At Optimal Levels

Keeping Your Water Heater Working At Optimal Levels

Keeping Your Water Heater Working At Optimal Levels

7 April 2022
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A water heater is a central part of your home's plumbing system. When it starts to suffer problems, the homeowner will likely need professional help in order to address these issues and restore the functionality of their system.

Red Water Coming From The Unit

If the water that is coming from your unit is red, this can indicate that the interior of the water heater has started to develop extensive corrosion. However, this is not the only potential cause of red water from the unit. It is also common for some types of bacteria to grow in these units and potentially cause the water to become red or cloudy. In cases where the interior is corroding, repair contractors may be able to replace the corroded components, such as rusting heating elements. If the red color is due to bacteria in the unit, these technicians may be able to sanitize the interior to eliminate the bacteria.

Water Suddenly Becoming Far Too Hot

Individuals often assume that water heater problems will always result in the temperature of the water being too cool. However, it is also possible for this to result in the unit becoming too hot. For example, your water heater will have a temperature regulator that will keep it within the set range. If this component were to fail, the water may exceed the maximum temperature that you have set. While it is possible to replace a faulty temperature regulator on a water heater, it can be a somewhat complicated repair that a homeowner should avoid doing on their own. This is due to the complexity of actually installing these regulators as well as the need to properly calibrate them.

Rattling Noise From The Water Heater

A rattling noise from the water heater is a sign that sediments or other debris have started to accumulate in the unit. These substances need to be removed in order to avoid a major clog forming. Those that have hard water or that have water with a large amount of sediment in it will be far more likely to encounter this problem. Fortunately, professional water heater repair services can thoroughly clean the interior of these units as well as inspect the lines to ensure that sediments or other pieces of debris have not become logged in them. A rattling sound coming from the unit will often indicate that this issue is starting to occur as these materials may bang against the interior of the unit. 

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