How An Emergency Plumber Can Get Your Clogged Sewer Line Operational

How An Emergency Plumber Can Get Your Clogged Sewer Line Operational

How An Emergency Plumber Can Get Your Clogged Sewer Line Operational

21 April 2022
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If your toilet won't flush, and plunging doesn't help, you may need to call an emergency plumber. A clogged toilet is an emergency since you can't use your toilet, and if someone accidentally flushes it, sewage might back up in your home.

A plumber can usually get a clogged toilet flowing by working through the cleanout opening outside, so it doesn't matter if your toilet bowl has sewage in it. Once the clog is gone, you'll be able to flush and clean the toilet. Your plumber might opt to use a hydro jet to solve the plumbing problem. Here's how a hydro jet works.

A Hydro Jet Is Like A Pressure Washer

A hydro jet can clear clogs out of a sewer drain due to the strong force of water that's blasted into the drain. The plumber may use a truck-mounted hydro jet. If so, all they need to do is drag the hose to your backyard where the cleanout is located. Some hydro jets are mounted on reels with wheels, but these are small enough to fit through a gate, so your plumber has no trouble getting the equipment where it needs to go.

The Pressure Is Strong Enough To Be Dangerous

A hydro jet can cut through a solid clog to break it apart so it can be flushed through. This makes it effective on clogs that are packed into the drain that can't be pushed through without ripping apart. The stream of water is so strong the plumber has to wear protective gear to keep from being injured accidentally. The stream could hurt a person or pet, so care has to be taken to use the hydro jet carefully.

All Debris Is Cleared From The Sides Of The Drain

In addition to cutting up the clog and washing it through the drain, a hydro jet can also clean the sides of the drain at the same time. This is an important feature since the drain could be coated with biofilm slime, hard water mineral scale, grease, soap scum, and corrosion. This buildup could snag paper in the future and start another clog.

The water stream also cleans the sides of the drain to get rid of any small roots that may be hanging on and likely to grow back and cause another clog. Hydro jetting is a good way to clear out a clogged sewer line, but your sewer drain has to be in good shape so it can tolerate the water pressure. If your line isn't suitable, the emergency plumber may need to use a drain auger instead.

Hydro jetting is also a fairly quick procedure so your drain will be clear and your plumbing back in service as soon as possible. It's worth a call to an emergency plumber to have the clog cleared right away so you don't have to live with the threat of a plumbing disaster.

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