Three Plumbing Issues That Require The Expertise Of Plumbers

Three Plumbing Issues That Require The Expertise Of Plumbers

Three Plumbing Issues That Require The Expertise Of Plumbers

24 May 2022
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Water is a natural resource and is essential in our lives because you cannot live without it. Therefore, every household needs to have a plumbing system that gives them access to water. Thus, one must always ensure their plumbing system functions correctly to get constant access to clean water. One way to maintain your pipes is to hire a plumber whenever there is an issue. However, some people do not see the need to hire these professionals when facing a plumbing problem because they assume they can fix it themselves. Nevertheless, this blog shall depict three plumbing issues that require the expertise of experienced plumbers. 

Having a Faulty Shutoff Valve

The shutoff valve is a safety feature installed in the plumbing system. It is designed to shut off the water flow whenever there is a significant leak. Most households have two shutoff valves, including the main water valve and fixture valves. The main water shutoff valve stops water flow in the entire household, while fixture valves are connected to various fixtures, such as toilets and sinks. Thus, if you notice that your shutoff valve is not working, you need to call a plumber to fix the problem because you may experience water damage. For instance, if the main water shutoff valve is not working and there is a leak, the accumulated water pressure may burst your pipes, thus flooding your home. A faulty shutoff valve is a complicated issue that a professional plumber can easily handle.  

Having Leaking Faucets

It is common to have a leaking faucet, but most people usually ignore this issue. However, if you do not fix this problem immediately, you may waste a lot of water, leading to higher water bills. Furthermore, it is unpleasant to live in a house that has a leaking faucet. You are likely experiencing this issue because the washer inside the faucet has worn out, thus needing repair. This is beyond your average plumbing skills, thus requiring the expertise of an experienced plumber. The plumber will assess the problem and repair the issue to prevent a major issue from arising in the future. 

Experiencing Sewer Backups

Sewer backups occur when the wastewater comes up in the drain or toilet after releasing it. This problem can be inconvenient and costly. Furthermore, it may make your house have a foul smell if not addressed immediately. This issue occurs when the sewer pipe is blocked, thus preventing wastewater flow. Thus, you will need the expertise of a good plumber who will locate the sewer pipe, unclog it, and restore the flow of wastewater.

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