Why Aren't You Getting Enough Water From Your Well?

Why Aren't You Getting Enough Water From Your Well?

Why Aren't You Getting Enough Water From Your Well?

31 May 2022
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If the water supply from your well has died down or stopped completely, then you might have a problem in your well or its supply system. Read on to find out some common causes of water supply problems.

Equipment Problems

Your well's system contains various devices to bring water out of the ground and into your home. If one of these devices develops a problem, then your water flow might decrease or stop completely.

For example, if your well's water pump has a problem, then it might not be able to push water through the system. Sometimes, sediment and dirt can block a pump and prevent it from working. Or, the pump itself might have a fault.

Plus, if your pump is too small for your system or your usage needs, then it probably won't be able to supply the volume of water you need. Sometimes, you'll have supply problems over time if you start to use more water than the pump can handle.

In some cases, a problem in your well's pressure tank can also affect your water flow. If the pressure tank has a fault, then your flow might decrease significantly. You might not have any water at all if the tank loses all its pressure or develops a problem with its switch mechanism.

Sometimes, a problem in one area can affect other parts of your system. For example, your pressure tank should take some of the strain off your well's pump. The tank helps regulate your flow. If this tank doesn't do its job, then your pump might also start to develop problems. It will have to work harder than it should.

Water Table Problems

Sometimes, no water from well problems are down to your water table. If your well doesn't contain enough water to supply your system, then it can't deliver.

For example, this can happen in hot summers or in periods of drought. Your well might dry up, and there is no water in the environment to top it back up. This problem usually resolves itself when the weather changes.

However, in some cases, a well isn't deep enough to provide a consistent water supply for your needs. It will run dry because you use all the water up too fast. To improve flow rates and supply consistency here, you might need to drill deeper or find another way to draw more water into the well itself.

If you have little or no water from well problems, contact well maintenance and repair contractors. 

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