Tips For Remodeling Your Small Bathroom

Tips For Remodeling Your Small Bathroom

Tips For Remodeling Your Small Bathroom

7 June 2022
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A small bathroom can be difficult. When the space is small, you can have storage problems, clutter sitting on the vanity, doors that do not open and close in the best direction, and just overall feel cramped. These problems may have you thinking about renovating your small bathroom to not only look better but to be more efficient. There are several things to think about as you renovate this small yet important place in your home. Here are some things you need to know.

Have a Solid Plan

Before you even begin the process of ripping out the bathroom, you need to have a plan. Not having a plan will end up costing you more money and time. You need to be sure you have the right size fixtures and other bathroom elements that are not too big for the space. If you plan to retile the shower, make sure you know the measurements ahead of time to ensure you get enough supplies. Do not plan on purchasing a certain vanity only to find out it does not fit. Planning ahead will save you so much frustration.

Add Space in Unique Ways

While your bathroom may have limited square footage, there are some unique ways to add space to the room. You can add storage to the walls by installing a mirrored medicine cabinet. Have recessed shelving added to the walls of the bathroom or in the shower for storage. Add floating shelves or cabinets in different parts of the room where you can store away items that often sit out on the small bathroom counter. Get creative and discover fun and different ways to add space to the room without changing the footprint.

Change a Pivoting Shower Door

In small bathrooms, a pivoting shower door can be annoying and make your bathroom feel much smaller than it actually is. A pivoting shower door opens outward towards you each time you open it. Instead, consider installing a sliding glass door or a curved sliding glass door if the shower is in a corner. Or do away with shower doors altogether and install a shower curtain rod with a nice shower curtain. You will be amazed at how much larger the bathroom feels.

Change the Entry Door

The bathroom door can take up a lot of space. The area behind the bathroom door is essentially wasted when the door is open because it is difficult to access. Instead, consider switching the door to a barn door or a pocket door. These doors slide open and closed, allowing you to maximize all the space in the bathroom.

Be Mindful with Color

As you choose a new color for your bathroom walls, think about lighter tones. Dark colors instantly make a room feel smaller. You do not want the bathroom to feel smaller than it already is. Neutral tones of white, grey, or beige are nice colors that you can dress up in a number of ways. If you need more pizazz, consider installing one wall with a lighter wallpaper with a botanical or calming design.

For more information on a bathroom renovation, contact a company near you.

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