Reasons You Need An Emergency Plumber

Reasons You Need An Emergency Plumber

Reasons You Need An Emergency Plumber

24 June 2022
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You should stay prepared for all contingencies in life, and plumbing issues are no different. That said, very few homeowners can handle the moment something goes wrong with their plumbing. Even if armed with a plumbing tool kit, emergency situations like major leaks will require an expert's utmost attention before they become a problem that damages your home.  You want to leave the tasks to the professionals, for you may lack the necessary techniques and skills. The following are emergency situations that call for a skilled plumber.

Leaking Faucet 

The common causes of kitchen faucet leaks include defective parts like gaskets, O-rings, and washers. Other causes are mineral deposits and corrosion. To understand the cause of the leak, you need to establish the source of the drip. A leaking faucet increases your monthly water bill. You will find that in older homes that still utilize original faucets and fixtures, leaks are common emergencies. Since big problems start with smaller issues, a leaking faucet can turn into a burst pipe or flood damage. To avoid escalating problems and bills and to restore peace of mind, call a skilled plumber to inspect and fix the problem if dealing with a leaking faucet.

Clogged Toilets

In an average home, the toilet is the most utilized plumbing fixture. As a result, it tends to wear more quickly. A common challenge with toilets is clogging. The causes vary, and the problem could result from flushing items not meant for the toilet drain or items bigger than the flushing tunnels. When you notice your toilet is not flushing and the water levels keep going up or overflowing, your toilet could have a deep clog. While minor blockage can be handled at home using a plunger, deep and major clogs require an emergency plumber.

Burst Pipes 

Pipes burst due to various reasons, including aging and poor quality materials. In winter, water freezes inside the pipes, causing them to crack when they expand. A leaking pipe is a plumbing emergency because it can result in major losses. When you notice water bills increasing or walls with wet spots, contact a plumber in your area to remedy the issue. 

Clogged Sink

A minor clog in the sink leads to slow water drainage. That said,  bathroom and kitchen sink water rises above the normal levels or cannot drain at all when dealing with a serious blockage. This is the moment you need to consult a plumber. 

No one wants to encounter emergencies, seeing that plumbing fixtures are one of the greatest conveniences in a home. Don't hesitate to ask a plumber for help.

For more info about emergency plumbing, contact your local plumber.

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