4 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Hot Water Tank

4 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Hot Water Tank

4 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Hot Water Tank

20 September 2022
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Regular and scheduled hot water tank maintenance will boost your investment's life span. Hence, you will save money in the long term as the hot water tank will serve you for many years. Also, the tank will perform at optimum efficiency, ensuring your home receives hot water consistently.

This article will discuss the signs of an old hot water tank that needs replacement.  

Discolored Water

If your water heater produces discolored water, the first culprit is likely mineral and sediment buildup inside the tank. With time, minerals and other sediments will accumulate in your tank, polluting the water. This problem will worsen if you live in an area with hard water. The substance buildup will cause a restricted water flow, interfering with your heater's efficiency. Hence, the system won't heat water properly or produce adequate water.

Older pipe systems that are made of galvanized iron are prone to rust. The rust will peel off and contaminate your water over time. Also, certain bacteria can invade your water supply and cause water discoloration. Therefore, you need to call a professional plumber to replace your hot water tank.

Frequent Repairs

You may have to replace the tank if you frequently repair your hot water system. The tank and other components could be severely damaged due to wear and tear or other factors, impeding the system's proper functioning. The repairs can become too costly and drain you financially. You should call a plumber to thoroughly inspect the hot water tank system and determine if you should buy a new unit.


Your tank and other components may start to leak due to degeneration over the years. The steam from the hot water in your tank will increase the pressure inside the tank. If the steam doesn't have space to escape, it will force its way out through cracks in the tank. With time, this pressure will take a toll on the tank's outer layer and cause it to wear out quickly.

You should avoid setting your thermostat's temperature too high, as it will lead to excessive temperature buildup inside the tank. The high temperature will cause the water to heat up and trigger extreme pressure in the tank. 

Wrong-Sized Tank

You may have installed the wrong heater size for your home. If your tank is too small, it may not have the capacity to hold adequate water to meet your home's demands. Hence, the heater system will have to overwork to compensate for the deficiency, leading to increased energy consumption. As a result, you will incur higher utility bills.

Contact a local plumbing service, such as Flo-Rite Plumbing Inc., to learn more. 

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