Having The Sewer Line For Your Home Replaced

Having The Sewer Line For Your Home Replaced

Having The Sewer Line For Your Home Replaced

20 October 2022
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The sewer line is a part of a home's plumbing that the owner may overlook due to the fact that the majority of this line will not be inside the house. However, the sewer line can play a vital role in transporting wastewater from the home, and this means that problems with this part of the plumbing can have far-reaching consequences.  

There Are Options For Effectively Determining The Cause And Location Of The Sewer Line Damage

Despite a sewer line being buried deep in the ground, there are solutions for effectively assessing the interior of these lines to determine the cause of any problems that are occurring and the location of the issue. One of the most common and least invasive options can be the use of video camera systems that are able to thoroughly inspect the interior of the sewer line. By being accurate with the location of this damage, these professionals can provide a detailed understanding of the challenges that repairing the issue may involve.

Severe Damage To The Sewer Line May Require A Total Replacement

While there are options for patching sewer lines that have developed leaks or suffered other damage to them, there are definite limits to the extent of the damages that can be corrected with a patch. When the cracks in the sewer line are particularly wide or long, replacing the entire pipe may be the best option for eliminating these damages. Attempting to patch very large damages to a sewer line can be counterproductive as the patch may be more prone to degrading over time, which can lead to it largely being considered a temporary fix for these damages.

There Are Sewer Line Replacement Options That Can Minimize The Damage To The Landscaping

The need to dig up much of the yard to reveal the sewer line is one concern that might cause someone to be worried about replacing their sewer line. Fortunately, trenchless sewer line replacement is a modern technique that can fully replace the sewer line while also minimizing the risk of damage occurring to the landscaping or the amount of soil that may be disturbed. The process of trenchless sewer line replacement will involve the installation of the new sewer line through the home's previous sewer line system. When using this approach, the sewer line replacement service may only need to dig in a localized area so that they can reach the access for the sewer line.

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