3 Misconceptions About Clogged Drains

3 Misconceptions About Clogged Drains

3 Misconceptions About Clogged Drains

5 December 2022
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The majority of bathroom drain blockages are caused by hair, skin flakes, and dirt adhering to soap scum on drain pipe walls. Clogged toilets result when you flash down the wrong materials, such as feminine hygiene products, dental floss, excessive tissue paper, and baby wipes. On the other hand, kitchen sink drain clogs occur when grease and food particles stick to your pipe's walls.

This article will discuss common misconceptions about clogged drains.

You Don't Have to Deal with a Slow Drain Immediately

You may be tempted to delay fixing a slow drain because it still works. However, this mistake can be costly as the problem could be due to a hidden issue that can get out of hand with time. For example, you may have minor clogs in your mains. These clogs can worsen if you don't deal with them on time. As a result, your plumbing system can experience sewer backups that can reach your drains.

Your home can flood, leading to costly damage. Even worse, severe clogs can cause pressure buildup in your pipes, triggering leaks. Also, the pipes can burst. Another mistake you can make is thinking slow drains will fix themselves. Running water generates some pressure that can help remove minor clogs. However, the pressure will only push major clogs further into the pipes, worsening the blockage.

Snaking Will Solve All Drain Clogs

A drain snake eliminates minor clogs that haven't passed the P-trap and main pipes. However, the appliance isn't as effective for severe clogs as hydro-jetting. The latter uses pressurized water to clean drains and sewer pipes. Blocked sewer lines make your drains susceptible to sewer backups.

Hydro-jetting is effective at dealing with clogs as it can scour the inside of your pipes and cut through various blockages, such as grease, dried concrete, and tree roots. However, you should contact a plumber to help determine which method suits your clogged drains. Some pipes aren't sturdy enough to handle the water pressure from hydro-jetting, making them prone to damage. Besides, plumbing pipes work differently, meaning the appropriate drain cleaning methods will differ for each.

Store-Bought Chemicals Are Perfect for Clogged Drains

Chemical drain cleaners can help remove minor clogs, but they may do more harm than good. First, the chemicals can burn or irritate your skin. Some cleaners contain toxic substances like lye and bleach. Also, the cleaners can corrode your pipes, leading to leaks. The chemicals will kill the bacteria in your plumbing system. The bacteria usually help break down solid waste, improving proper drainage.

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