Hydronic Heating System Getting Older? 3 Common Problems You May Have

Hydronic Heating System Getting Older? 3 Common Problems You May Have

Hydronic Heating System Getting Older? 3 Common Problems You May Have

19 January 2023
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If you use hydronic heating in your home, you know all the benefits this offers you. If your system is getting older, however, you need to learn about common problems you may have. This will allow you to get your heating system repaired before the problem becomes much worse. Keep reading to learn about three issues to look for. 

Hydronic Heating System Leaks

One problem you may have is leaks. This can be caused by a variety of reasons. One common cause is the pipe, which may be damaged or may have corrosion built up inside. It is not easy to tell if your hydronic system is leaking, however. This is why you should always have your system serviced annually to look for any problems. A contractor would know if there was a leak and then repair it for you by either cleaning or replacing the damaged pipe. If this problem is not taken care of, the leaking water will cause damage to your home.

Air in Line

If your radiator feels cold when you touch different areas of it, there is likely air in the line. The hydronic heating system gets the water from either a well or city water. This water flows through the heating system. The water has compressed air inside of it, and this air settles into high spots in the heating system, which causes air pockets to appear. Over time, these air pockets build up enough so the heating system will not run correctly, or you may even have noisy pipes. A contractor gets the trapped air out of the heating system by circulating cold water through each loop. 

Built-Up Sludge

Over time, sludge builds up on the radiator panel, the boiler, and/or the floor heating. If this happens, the heating system will not run as efficiently as it normally does. The radiator will then not heat your home as fast, which causes it to run longer. This puts extra work on the heating system and increases your monthly energy bills. To take care of this problem, the contractor can flush the system, which is known as power flushing. This flushing cleans the system and removes all sludge. You should have the system power flushed every few years to prevent this problem from happening. Ask the contractor how often this should be done. 

The contractor you hire to repair your hydronic heating system can tell you of other problems you may have in the future. Contact a company like Mark McBride Plumbing to learn more. 

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