Plumbing Features To Consider For Your Kitchen Remodel

Plumbing Features To Consider For Your Kitchen Remodel

Plumbing Features To Consider For Your Kitchen Remodel

24 February 2023
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When remodeling a kitchen, people often focus on the hard materials, such as cabinets and counters. Indeed, these are an important part of a kitchen remodel. However, you should also spend a little time thinking of the plumbing and different plumbing features and fixtures you can use to update or upgrade your kitchen.

Here are a few suggestions to add to your kitchen remodeling project.

A Pot Filler

Do you get tired of lugging a big pot to the sink every time you want to make pasta or some other boiled food? A pot filler tap will make this so much easier for you. A pot filler is basically a faucet over your stove. It allows you to put your pot on the burner, fill it with water, and then cook away as you please. Your plumber will probably need to run some new pipes to set up a pot filler, but this is pretty simple work if you are already opening up your kitchen walls to do other renovations.

Dishwasher Drawers

Dishwashers can take up a lot of space. Especially when you open the door into your living and working area, they can become an obstruction you have to work around. A good alternative to consider is dishwasher drawers. Typically, the unit will come with two drawers. You can fill just one at a time, or you can fill and wash both. Dishwasher drawers take up less space than a typical dishwasher, and they are a great option for single people and couples who don't always generate a full load of dishes too quickly.

An Under-Sink Water Filter

Are you tired of taking a water filter pitcher in and out of the fridge? Perhaps you have one of those filters that fit on your tap. There is a better, more usable option that costs less than a whole-home water filter. An under-sink water filter will remove impurities from the water before it comes out of your tap. There will just be a simple filter for you to change in the device. Such a filter will be fairly easy for your plumber to install, especially if they are already replacing your fixtures and doing other basic pipe work under the sink.

With one or more of these simple plumbing upgrades, your kitchen will be more usable and functional. Talk to a kitchen remodeling contractor near you to learn more about these options and some other ideas for your plumbing.

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