Potential Causes Of A Noisy Boiler

Potential Causes Of A Noisy Boiler

Potential Causes Of A Noisy Boiler

7 March 2023
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Boilers are essential for providing warmth and comfort during the colder months. Despite their reliable design, they can suffer problems. If you start to hear noise from your boiler, it usually indicates an issue is developing. In particular, there are a few common causes of noises from the boiler unit.


Kettling is a frequent issue in boilers caused by a limescale build-up and other debris. When water is heated, impurities are left behind in the boiler's heat exchanger, leading to a rumbling or banging noise that can be quite loud. In addition to being noisy, kettling can cause inefficiencies, leading to higher energy bills. The build-up of limescale and debris can also lead to corrosion and eventual system breakdown. A power flush and a descaling may need to be performed to address this. With the chemical cleaner breaking down build-up and the flushing removing any remaining fragments, kettling should no longer be an issue.

Air in the System

When air enters a boiler system, either through cracks or by improperly bleeding the radiators, it can generate various sounds, such as gurgling and hissing. Beyond the noise, the air in the system can cause inefficiencies and potentially even damage the system. Bleeding your radiators of air and checking for any leaks should correct this issue. Regularly bleeding and checking for leaks are essential parts of boiler maintenance and your preparations for using these systems during the winter months.

Faulty Pump

The pump serves the role of circulating water in the boiler, and issues with it can cause a humming or vibrating noise. The source of this can be worn bearings or a damaged impeller, which must be addressed to stop the noise. A faulty pump can lead to uneven heating in the building and, if not addressed, can lead to the eventual failure of the pump. Regularly maintaining your system is one of the best ways to detect any issues with the pump and should be done promptly to ensure its longevity.

Blocked Condensate Pipe

The condensate pipe is responsible for getting rid of condensation from the boiler. If it is blocked, this can generate a range of irritating noises, such as gurgling and bubbling, as well as the possibility of the boiler shutting down. A clogged condensate pipe can also lead to water damage and cause leaks in the building. To remedy this, you can use a pipe cleaner or wet vacuum to clear the obstruction and find a permanent solution by installing a condensate pump. This pump will automatically expel any condensation.

For more boiler repair tips, reach out to a local service.

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