Hire A Plumbing Contractor To Install A Utility Sink In Your Laundry Room For A Place To Soak Clothes

Hire A Plumbing Contractor To Install A Utility Sink In Your Laundry Room For A Place To Soak Clothes

Hire A Plumbing Contractor To Install A Utility Sink In Your Laundry Room For A Place To Soak Clothes

12 May 2023
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If you wish you had a utility sink in your laundry room, you can call a plumbing contractor and have them install one. A laundry room is a perfect place for a utility sink since it has a drain, hot water line, and cold water line already in place. Here's a look at choosing the placement of a utility sink in the laundry room and how a plumbing contractor might install the sink.

Choose The Sink Location

The exact location for the sink depends on the space available and the floor plan of the room. It would be good to place the sink beside the washing machine since cold and hot water lines are right behind the washer. Plus, you'll be able to transfer wet clothes that have been soaking over to the washer without making a mess.

You'll want to measure the area and then shop for a utility sink that fits the space. You might shop at a plumbing supply store that has everything you'll need. In addition to finding a sink with the right dimensions, you may also need to buy the faucet, and you might want to talk to a plumber at the store to make sure you have the right type of faucet and everything you'll need when the plumbing contractor comes to install your sink. The plumbing contractor should have spare parts needed for connecting to the plumbing lines and drain.

Hook Up The Plumbing

Whether you have copper or PEX lines, the plumber will probably cut the hot and cold water lines and then add a T-piece to hook up lines that go to the sink. If the sink is next to the washer, the plumber shouldn't have to move the lines around too much. If the sink is across the room, the plumber might need to do more extensive plumbing work to hook up the sink.

To connect the sink drain to the washer drain, the plumbing contractor will need to cut into the drain in the right place and add a plastic drain connector so both the washer and sink can use the same drain. The drain above the connector becomes the vent so the drain will function properly.

Once the water lines and drain are in place, the plumbing contractor has to hook up the faucet and connect it to the water lines. Then, your sink will be tested to make sure it drains quickly and the water pressure is suitable.

A utility sink in the laundry room will be quite useful for soaking clothes, washing large items, and washing dirty objects you don't want to put in your kitchen sink. A utility sink is wide and deep, so it has many uses.

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