Why It's Best To Let A Professional Plumber Install Your New Water Heater

Why It's Best To Let A Professional Plumber Install Your New Water Heater

Why It's Best To Let A Professional Plumber Install Your New Water Heater

14 June 2023
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If you're good at home improvement projects and you enjoy working on your home, you might want to install a new water heater yourself. That may not be a good idea. Some plumbing repairs can be done by you, but installing a water heater is different since there are many dangers involved. Here's why you should let a professional plumber install your new heater.

Professional Installation May Be Required

The warranty for your water heater may be void if you install the heater yourself. Also, your homeowner's insurance may not pay for damage caused by the heater if it was installed by someone other than a professional plumber. In addition, you'll need a permit and inspection from your city. Your city may even require the work to be done by a plumber. These policies may seem strict, but that's only because a water heater can be dangerous if it's not installed properly.

Gas Lines May Be Difficult To Work With

If you're getting a new gas water heater, you might need to upgrade the gas lines. Some water heaters, especially tankless models, require bigger lines than what you might have installed for your old heater. Not having the right size could impact how well your heater operates. Plus, you have to be careful about leaks since overtightening can cause leaks just like under-tightening can. Leaks due to improper installation can have serious consequences.

The Relief Valve Must Be Operational

Pressure building in the water tank is another serious concern. The pressure relief valve must be installed properly and tested to be sure it's operational or your heater could potentially explode. Some tanks even have an expansion tank installed to prevent this problem, and a professional plumber knows when an expansion tank is needed and how to verify safety mechanisms are in place so excess pressure can be relieved through the valve.

The Tank Must Be Installed According To Local Codes

Various codes pertain to a water heater installation. A professional plumber is aware of them and follows them closely so the work will pass the inspection by your city. Codes may affect where you install the heater, how you vent it to the outside, how the gas and water lines are hooked up, and other details you may not be aware of. Codes in effect when your old heater and plumbing were installed may be outdated now by newer codes that need to be followed when you install a new heater, so you can't always use the old installation method as a guide for the new heater. 

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