Your Hot Water Tank May Need One Of These Repairs In The Future

Your Hot Water Tank May Need One Of These Repairs In The Future

Your Hot Water Tank May Need One Of These Repairs In The Future

8 August 2023
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A hot water heater is not an appliance that you set up and forget about forever. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with the appliance that will require repair. Here is a list of some common problems that you may run into. 

Heating Element Replacement

The one crucial component of every hot water heater is the heating element since it's responsible for getting the water to the desired temperature. Electric water heaters have an element that can wear out over time and cause the water to not get hot enough. Any faulty heating element will need to be replaced with a new one to simply make the tank functional again.

Thermocouple Repair

Gas water heaters have safety devices used to make sure that gas does not leak into your home if the pilot light goes out. A thermocouple does just that, by shutting off the gas if it detects that there is no longer a flame to ignite the gas. This thermocouple can become damaged over time and require replacement to keep your home safe. 

Pressure Relief Valve Replacement

The pressure inside a hot water heater can get quite high with all of the heat that is being generated. The role of the pressure relief valve is to make sure that excess pressure is able to safely be released from the tank when it reaches a specific level. If this valve is malfunctioning, a dangerous amount of pressure can be built up in the tank. That's why it's important to inspect this valve regularly and replace it when it's not functioning correctly. 

Sediment Removal

Many people wrongly assume that sediment in a hot water tank only happens when you have well water. The truth is that sediment can even get into your water supply from a municipal water source, and it will collect in your hot water tank. All of the sediment will need to be removed by flushing out some water from the tank so that the heavy sediment on the bottom goes with it. This will make it easier for the hot water tank to heat the water, and extend the lifespan of the tank itself.

Anode Rod Replacement

The anode rod is a sacrificial element that is designed to attract the corrosive elements in the water. It prevents rust and corrosion from happening to the walls of the hot water tank. However, that anode rod can get to a point where it is deteriorated and requires replacement. If not, the tank's shell will start to develop corrosion.

For more information on water heater repair, contact a professional near you.

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